The future is here! By utilizing the latest technology and state-of-the-art CEREC 3D Computer system, we can create beautiful, color-matched, custom-made, natural looking porcelain crowns or bridges IN JUST ONE VISIT!

The CEREC “Same Day” Crown offers our patients an affordable solution for anyone looking to minimalize their trips to the dental office.

The CEREC Process

  • After your dental examination, an intraoral camera is used to take 3D images of your tooth
  • Based on these 3D Images, the CEREC software creates a virtual model of the patients tooth
  • South Bay Dental Esthetics then constructs the necessary tooth restoration through the CEREC software
  • Once virtual construction is completed, our in-office CEREC device builds your high-grade ceramic, plaque resistant, color-matched Crown… right then and there!
  • Dr. Bo then securely places your perfectly sized crown on your tooth. And…Viola!