The primary purpose of a routine dental exam is Diagnostics – assessing the situation at hand and developing an effective plan of action. Routine Dental Exams play a crucial part of preventive dental care, and are necessary to maintaining your overall health and well-being. Routine Dental Exams and regular check-ups allow Dr. Bo and his staff to detect any problem early on– when it’s most treatable.

During your routine dental exam, you can expect:

  • Evaluation of overall oral health and oral hygiene
  • Evaluation of risk for tooth decay, root decay, gum disease, bone disease, or oral cancer
  • Evaluation of need for tooth replacement or restoration
  • Inspection of your bite and jaw
  • Taking digital dental X-rays, if required

Did you know?

Tooth Enamel, the hard, outer surface layer of your teeth, is IMPOSSIBLE to grow back! Not even artificially! This is why it is IMPERATIVE to maintain regular dental appointments and fix any problems early – on… before they become too destructive.